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England Squash have put together the following Help and Support Information To Assist Clubs and Coaches Through This Difficult Time:

Support for self-employed coaches:

ES have updated a webpage with FAQ’s for coaches which includes the financial support available. If we become aware of any more support we will update this page. https://www.englandsquash.com/coronavirus-faqs-for-coaches

Some coaches are operating a voucher scheme whereby their clients can buy in advance to redeem after lockdown over an extended period of time; some clubs have bursary pots where they have redirected that to the coaches temporarily.

What are clubs doing with membership fee’s?

o Many cubs are freezing membership fee’s.
o Some have set up donation pages where members can donate some or all of their membership fee’s to support the club.
o Other clubs have offered members an option to suspend, pay 50% or continue to pay 100%

Question around club security whilst it’s locked down:

With clubs sitting empty it’s important to check everything is secure and in order. Clubs are sharing the responsibility of checking on the courts with committee and members.

Support in understanding the funding available and how to access it:

ES are looking to provide more support on this and will keep us updated. In the meantime, if your club has questions please do get in touch with ES and they will help out where they can.

Staying connected ideas:

Live workouts, quizzes, online meetings – have a look at some more ideas. https://www.englandsquash.com/stayinworkout

You can find the detail of the support and guidance available on the England Squash website. /coronavirus-faqs-for-coaches

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