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Squash 57 (Racketball)

Bigger racket, bouncier ball, and longer rallies… a great way to keep playing squash for longer or as an introduction to squash.

Squash 57 (formerly known as racketball) is a growing game, with players using a bigger racket and a bigger, bouncier ball. The bounce means there’s time to get to the ball, so expect a lot of fun as you get engrossed in a long rally.

Getting kitted out

Squash 57 is played on a squash court, you just need to have a squash 57 racket and ball which you can buy from most sports retailers. There are two types of squash 57 balls – blue and black. Blue balls are slightly bouncier, so ideal for recreational play or beginners. Black balls are less bouncy, and are used mainly in events such as the National Squash 57 Championships. If, after a few games, you find the blue ball too easy, you can then progress to using a black ball.

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