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Marking & Ref

Why referee?

Referees  manage the scoring and help the game flow without problems so that spectators can understand and enjoy the game on offer.

What is the referee and marker in squash?

The Referee is the decision-maker in any match, and has ultimate responsibility for all that happens.

The Marker  introduces the match, call the score, call the play (out, down, etc.) & announces the state of the match.

The Referee is in charge of all other things including court conditions, player clothing, all timings, conduct on and off the court, injury/blood decisions, ruling on all appeals made by the players, and can over-rule a decision of the Marker at any time. Both the Referee and the Marker should keep a record of the game. The Referee’s decision is final.

How to become a referee

Information coming soon

Level 1 Referee – Club– Information coming soon

Level 2 Referee – County -Information coming soon

Level 3 Referee – National- Information coming soon

Level 4 Referee – regional- Information coming soon

Level 5 Referee – World-Information coming soon

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