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ESRA’s frequently asked questions about squash


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Squash FAQ's

Squash is game for all ages and abilities.

The key difference between squash and racquetball is squash uses a narrower, longer racket to hit a smaller, slower ball inside the lines of the court. Racquetball uses a shorter, wider racket to hit a larger, bouncier ball.

Racketball  has grown significantly in popularity in England, The sport is usually played on a squash court rather than a traditional racketball court,  which is slightly larger. This type of Racketball has recently rebranded as Squash 57. Squash 57 is played between two players on a squash court using a standard racketball racket each, and a specific Squash 57 ball which is slightly larger and more bouncy than a typical squash ball.

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