Essex Ladies Retain Premier League Status

Match 1 v's Kent, 3-2 to Kent
Michelle took Essex to an early lead with a convincing 3-0 win. Sarah had a tough game, losing in a close 3-1. Jackie was unlucky losing 3-0, and Elise fought off a tough opponent at number one, but held the match to win 3-0. This meant the decider was down to Sophie at number two, Sophie had a nervy start, and her opponent gave nothing away, she lost 3-0.

Match 2 v's Nottingham, 4-1 to Essex
Michelle and Elise played first both having convincing 3-0 victories, followed by Sophie with another 3-0 win. Jackie had a hard fought battle to an old rival who had the upper hand in this match, losing 3-0 in a close battle. Sarah won 3-0.

Match 3 v's Gloucestershire, 4-1 to Gloucester playing for 5-6 placing.
Sarah worked hard but was unable to gain an advantage losing 3-0. Sophie powered passed her opponent wining 3-0, to bring the match to 1-1. Michelle had a very close match only just losing the 4th game, and thus the match 3-1. Jackie was unlucky losing 3-0 but played her best match of the weekend. The final match played was at number one, Elise played an amazing game of squash, it was extremely close, losing 3-1 to a ranked player.
Overall we had a great weekend, the team spirit and support for each other was high throughout, despite us knowing we would have a tough weekend. The girls all did a fabulous job.

Sarah-Jane Neller – Captain